Control Panel

                       FARADAY's State-of-the-Art Control Panel

Our state-of-the-art control panel is designed to provide seamless and efficient operation for all our powder coating systems. With intuitive controls and advanced automation, our control panel ensures precision and consistency in every coating application.



This is a 240V 50A control panel with a key designed for powder-coating ovens that allows you to run heating elements up to 12,000 watts. It includes a dual-line display PID controller and a dual-line universal timer with excellent temperature control and timer counting functions. Parts can be cured in the oven at a set temperature for a certain amount of time to obtain superior            coating results.


This control panel has multiple alarm functions. Including a high-temperature alarm and timer alarm. The high-temperature  alarm will be triggered when the set temperature upper limit is reached, reminding you to take necessary measures in time. The end alarm ensures that you do not miss the end of the processing cycle, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the process.


This control panel has an intuitive, easy-to-use design that allows you to easily set and adjust the oven’s temperature, time, and other parameters. The clear digital display and instant feedback help you get started quickly and easily monitor the curing process.


Both the temperature probe and its cable can withstand high temperatures up to (approximately 482°C). This means you can operate at high temperatures without worrying about damage to the probe or cable, making it ideal for long-term users.


 Certified internal components and internal prewiring meet international safety standards to minimize the risk of electrical hazards and ensure smooth trouble-free operation of even,  you can have confidence in its quality, safety, and durability.

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